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I Eat Planetz

The Band


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In the beginning there was nothing but a vast open space and there was nothing within it and because there was nothing within it; nothing could be deciphered from anything and anything could not be deciphered because there nothing to know what anything was in the first place. When it was realized that there could be anything within this nothing; it was created. They were known as stars. Once stars were created then it was realized that stars could become even bigger; so they became planets. Once planets were created it was noticed that they all looked the same; they looked like something but they were still only a small improvement from the nothing. It was decided then that these planets would receive characteristics that would help define them as more than just something; more than just a sphere of light. It was decided that some would be hot and others would be cold. Others would be made of water and others would be made of gold. Some were made of diamonds and some were made of coal. Others were made of dirt and others were made of stone. Millions of different planets were created so much that they started to take over the galaxy. They started getting bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter; to the point where the nothing decided that it would start eating these planets because it knew that it would never be able to be more than nothing. This was a blessing in disguise because the more that the stars and planets reproduced; the more they took over the space that had originally existed before anything ever existed before. Once the stars and planets realized that the nothing was eating everything in sight; the stars held a meeting. It was decided to create four elements all holding special gifts that would balance out the whole universe. These elements were to be known as air, fire, water and earth. We are these elements. We will save the universe. We are one and we are all. We are I Eat Planetz.


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